In Detail: Maisie Gilmore

In Detail: Maisie Gilmore

Name: Maisie Gilmore

School/Year: University of Cincinnati (DAAP) / Third Year

Hometown: Springfield, IL

Favorite spot in your city: Home

Q: What’s your vision for the world of Architecture and Design? How does lauckgroup make a home for that viewpoint?

A: I see design, more specifically architecture, as being inclusive. Architecture has the ability to bring people together and create more inclusive environments. I think lauckgroup allows this to happen through their design process. They are designing for the client and want to get them involved in creating a space that works best for them, while still bringing innovative design to the table.

Q: What’s your favorite part about interning at lauckgroup?

A: I love how everyone is so willing to help. During my time at lauckgroup, people have been kind enough to help me get accustomed to how things run here, and have even taught me how to do certain tasks in Revit, CAD, etc. 

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to design in your home / apartment?

A: My guilty pleasure for designing my apartment is that everything has to be either black or white. There are some things that are a different neutral color, but I love a good black and white palette.

Q: Favorite (or least favorite) design trend? What was the evolution of the trend? Where do you see it going?

A: I have too many favorite trends to list, so my least favorite is the trend of the mustache. Mustaches have been around for so long, and I do not understand why people suddenly became obsessed with them. One day they just appeared…on everything. I have no idea how it started, but I hope it ends soon.

Q: What’s your ultimate goal after you graduate?

A: After I graduate I hope to be working in a city that I love and at a firm that I love.

Q: What advice would you give other students looking to intern at Architecture and Interior Design firms?

A: If you can start interning earlier in your college career, it will pay off. You learn so much working at a firm. All the things you learn can then be applied to your projects for school, which has the ability to elevate your work.