Low Cost, Big Heart, Community Impact – Emancipet’s newest animal hospital

Low Cost, Big Heart, Community Impact – Emancipet’s newest animal hospital

As designers we dream of having the freedom and opportunity to design cool spaces with limitless creativity and budget.  When reality sinks in bringing budget and time constrains, our skills as designers are put to the test revealing opportunities to bring value to our clients and to elevate the human experience ……and in the case of Emancipet… the animal experience.

Being a dog friendly workplace, lauckgroup did not think twice when the non-profit organization Emancipet approached us to design their new state of the art animal hospital in Austin. With “Low cost. Big Heart.” in mind, lauckgroup embarked on the journey of envisioning a facility that was not only an animal hospital but a place of care for the community and their pets, one in which they could get healthy, feel nurtured and welcomed.

After an amazing community effort to procure resources and generous talent, Emancipet’s 3,800 sq. ft vision is a reality and a true testament to the power of people working for people.  Many big hearts, lending hands and great minds came together to bring this special place to the Austin community and their beloved pets.  In the end, lauckgroup was able to build upon the community efforts and create a beautiful space that speaks to the hearts of many and stands by lauckgroup’s philosophy of Make it Matter. By focusing on community and people, this project creates an impact on the lives of Austinites and their beloved pets.

The very essence of what we do is found in the things that really matter.