Recently Completed: Cadence Design Systems

Recently Completed: Cadence Design Systems

“Transforming the Way People Design Next-Generation Systems”

Cadence Design Systems is a leading electronic design automation EDA provider. They specialize in collaborating with clients on methodology and technology adoption, silicon enablement, and talent development to enhance productivity and reduce risk. lauckgroup was brought on to create a bold, modern space, designed to both energize the workforce and enhance the Cadence values and strategies.

Inspired by the graphic nature of the company’s namesake and its representation of a system of movement within a network, lauckgroup’s designers wove the themes of technology and industrial sophistication throughout the space, crafting a flexible space that celebrates Cadence’s international brand with a touch of Texas flair. The color palette consists of natural wood/leather, mixed metals, layers of black and white texture paired with pops of red, blue, and chartreuse.

Borrowing trend cues from the hospitality industry, lauckgroup’s designers blur the boundaries of work and play by balancing heads-down and open workspace within Cadence’s new office with an expansive break room that features dynamic lighting, multiple seating types, a fully stocked game room, and a view to the courtyard. lauckgroup’s design team even included a hospitality-style IT help desk where workers can grab refreshments while waiting on their computers.

The 3rd floor features a custom wood, steel, and translucent red 3-form stair railing that boasts custom red lighting as an ode to the signature red line in Cadence’s logo. The stairs are framed by all glass conference and xbox/media rooms that frame an installation of exposed bulb gold twinkle lights that you see glimpses of while ascending.