Recently Completed: Stackpath

Recently Completed: Stackpath


We interpreted this metaphorically via the idea of “boulders.” In nature, boulders evoke a sense security, yet when set in motion and knocking against formations, they are extremely disruptive. The reception and breakroom became areas defined as boulders: focal points which defined and oriented the rest of the floorplan. These areas were placed off-kilter to create disruption — similar to two boulders knocking together.

The idea of security is reinforced throughout the new space to help aid with client tours.  Security is most evident in the reception, where space planning is utilized to be sure it is clear only certain people have access beyond the reception.

The finishes throughout the space are exposed concrete floors and columns, white, black, greys, and small interjections of the company color, cyan. These finishes were chosen to keep the space clean and refined, reflecting their tech brand.  In the reception and break area the ceilings are treated with a faceted gypsum board ceiling to create the sense of disruption. In addition, the reception area is treated with a concrete plaster to harken back to a sense of strong security. Challenges include a set budget that we were able to remain under.

In regards to the function of work areas, the open areas for different departments that collaborate together are divided by blocks of offices and meeting rooms to provide separation between departments to effectively balance privacy and collaboration. Rooms are kept modular to provide flexibility considering Stackpath is a growing company and its space and furniture should support this.