Recently Completed: Trend Micro Austin

Recently Completed: Trend Micro Austin

155 million endpoints. 500,000 + companies worldwide. One security software company.

As a global leader in IT security, Trend Micro develops innovative security solutions for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. lauckgroup has guided the transformation of the company’s workplace strategy effort which has led to a long standing relationship and several projects including: Dallas, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Miami, San Jose, and Austin.

In order to maximize the value of their acquisition of a HP division Trend Micro called upon lauckgroup to design a softly branded, open workspace that could facilitate the merge of two company cultures and open members of each team up to interaction and collaboration.

Occupying over 75,000-square-feet, the new space looks and feels like Trend Micro’s other locations, incorporating similar building materials, carpeting and desking solutions, while also integrating feedback from the new employees to ensure their former corporate culture was not lost in the design.

Rooted in Trend Micro’s culture of collaboration, the office touts one stand-out design feature: a monumental staircase that connects all three levels of the building together in a way that is both sculptural and functional. As the main focal point for vertical circulation, the intricate staircase is surrounded by interactive opportunities for employees.

Grounded in the break room, the dynamic run of stairs staggers up the center of the building, lined by open seating lounges and hydration stations. A platform stage was built to incorporate a programmatic element, allowing approximately 300 people to congregate for office-wide meetings.

lauckgroup provided programming, workplace strategy, interior design, architecture, furniture, graphics and signage services for the project.